City Simulator – Games-Based Learning Resource

We are pleased to announce that we are part of a European wide consortium to help educate students, between 14 and 17 years, about climate change, sustainability, renewable energies, and energy storage systems (emphasising hydrogen technologies). We will be developing a city simulation for students to interact with to assess the impact of different forms […]

A FREE Roman Numerals Resource for Schools?

Roman numerals appear on the UK National Curriculum in key stages 1 and 2 (in measurement). They are a touch isolated from other parts of the curriculum and there aren’t many engaging activities or worksheets available. Following the take up of our other Emile resources, we have been able to create a resource covering Roman […]

Games Based Learning (GBL) and Erasmus+

We were excited to find out we were part of a successful Erasmus+ bid in August to make a brand new games-based learning resource with 5 academic partners from across Europe. Erasmus+ is an European Union scheme to stimulate co-operation across Europe mainly between Universities. We’re obviously not a university but have been hired due […]

Grammar, A-level to Primary.

I’ve worked within and led English departments in the Sixth Form sector for 11 years. In that time I’ve had my fair share of students who find grammar tiresome, confusing, or a headache. Ask them to distinguish between relative pronouns and subordinating conjunctions and most A-level students find their motivation waning. Grammar tests don’t exactly […]

Awards & more – What we’ve been up to!

Emile has received a few awards and a lot of recognition over the last few months and thought we had better tell someone! We got off to a great start in December by being selected as one of 5 Edtech Innovations of the year by the world-famous Bookseller. The Bookseller magazine is a prestigious publication and […]

Emile Travels Around the World

We’re all excited here as we wait to share our fantastic learning resource-Emile Education! The game designers have put strong attention to detail into the mechanics behind to make sure we’re producing real games with real maths learning. The animators are furiously creating engaging modern designs and making sure our main character Emile is engaging […]

Digital Play and Learning in Schools

The Faculty of Education of Manchester Metropolitan University and Emile Education are hosting an evening of talks and discussions on Digital Play and Learning in Schools. Welcoming teachers to the £140 million Faculty of Education Brooks Building will be Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Greene. There will be talks by Professor Nicola Whitton and Dr Philip […]

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