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Times table world cup for schools

Football Themed


Step 1: 

School Joins
a Regional or MAT League

MTC Competition
Aimee Referee

Step 2: 

Schools Get Access to Practice

Step 3: 26th – 28th September

Students Play MTC Games

Scrambler holding a World Cup
World Cup

Step 4: 4th – 5th October

The Top Schools
Form a Final League

Step 5: 4th-5th October 

Winning Students &
Schools Announced!

Times table world cup for schools

Study by the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester were given access to all the results from the MTC Cup from November 2022.  (The data was of course anonymised in line with our Data Protection Policy and GDPR.) 

Highlights from the report included:

    • The average daily score was 20.1 on the first day of the competition compared to 23.42 on the last day of the first round.


    • The proportion of students attaining greater than or equal to 20 increased from 67.6% to 93.25% between the first and last day.


    • The proportion of students attaining 25/25 over the first round was also seen to increase. On the first day, 25.71% of students got full marks, compared to 49.73% on the last day.


Now Closed to Entries

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