We have set up some student demo accounts so you can try Emile straight away! 
Username: Pupil_1, Password: pupil
Username: Pupil_2, Password: pupil
Username: Pupil_3, Password: pupil
Username: Pupil_4, Password: pupil
Username: Pupil_5, Password: pupil

Click here to access the app.

It won’t be long before your school starts exploring Emile’s immersive universe in pursuit of knowledge. We can’t wait for you to see the impact on your students’ attainment.

An email is already flying through the air as we speak and should be in your mailbox with some very important login details and information on how to get started, as well as some helpful tips and links.


connect WITH Emile

We'd love to have your feedback on your experience so far and to keep you in the loop with our Blogs and Emile resources.

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