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Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) 1

Remove Nerves for the Big Day.

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What Do You Mean Free?

We mean no charge, no obligations and free unlimited access.

We set it up for a year. There are no invoices unless someone explicitly orders a resource.

What is the MTC?

The MTC is an online check (there is no paper version) completed during a three week period in June by pupils in year 4. The school can decide on what device type – tablet or computer (no paper option) – pupils will use to complete the check.

The MTC will be different for each and every child as the test features a set of 25 generated times tables questions.

Pupils will have 6 seconds to read the question, understand it, and enter a response. They will then receive a 3 second pause before the next question is shown.

So with 9 seconds for each question and 25 questions, the test will take 225 seconds or 3 minutes 45 seconds.

Questions will be made up from the 2-12 multiplication tables. The table shown here gives the maximum and minimum number of questions that will be presented to the pupils.

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) 2

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