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It’s time to welcome Emile to YOUR school! 

Emile does more than just aid the mastery journey, but also inspires students to consider their aspirations and life goals. Not everybody is going to have the same aspirations!

A Quick Guide:

Plan your day around the chosen theme:

Aspiration is the chosen theme for Emile, however, feel free to explore other themes that fit into your school. We believe that ‘aspiration’ is a fantastic way to get students thinking about their futures, which will then motivate them in their studies. 

Prepare yourself and your students:

Make sure you all know how to log on and how to access games, please access our user guides for more in-depth instructions. For more information, don’t hesitate to email us!

Explore different options:

For a fun, successful and engaging launch day, we suggest asking students to come to school dressed up as the chosen theme. 

Launch Day Resources

Launch day is a day for you and your class to explore the universe of knowledge alongside Emile and friends.

Below we have prepared two PowerPoints, classroom displays and a video that will kick off your launch day into a successful start. All resources follow the theme of aspiration. 

Introduction to Using Emile for Students

Emile Aspirations Assembly

Introduction to Using Emile for Teachers


Aspiration Worksheet

Emile's top trumps

With special thanks to Merlin Top Primary Academy’s Neil Cooper and Louis Shackleton for devising the theme.

Spelling league

Request a Demo

We run online demo’s daily for teachers throughout the year. They are a great way to see Emile in action and see if it’s right for your tutor group, school or MAT.

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