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1 Year's Progress in 1 Term

Accelerate Your Students' with Catch-up Numeracy with Emile.

Teacher Tools

Emile has been designed with teachers so we know what teachers need from a resource and provide a range of teacher tools including:

access to comprehensive reporting tools via a web portal that show student and class progress,

ability to allocate specific work to specific students or groups of students,

What is Catch-up Numeracy with Emile?

Catch-up Numeracy with Emile is an app and an online intervention program that is set across the Universe of Mathematics, where each planet represents a strand of the primary curriculum including Place Value, Addition, Times Tables and Fractions.

As your students explore the Universe, they are assessed and allocated appropriate games & activities. They are also able to compete with one another with the game being adjusted so it is appropriate to all players no matter their numeracy level.

How Does It Work?

All our Emile products harness the power of games-based learning and gamification.

Students are engaged by an enchanting adventure, crazy characters, enthralling game modes, ultra competitive class competitions, school leaderboards for most effort & most improved, reward systems that encourage more use and trophies to display. All these features lead students to wanting to answer questions, explore new concepts or revisit known topics.

By making use of a simple Assess, Practise and Achieve model, we ensure that students are working at the right level and are making progress.

Adaptive maths app

One Year’s Progress in One Term

Following use in a number of schools, we can see that students who use Catch-up with Emile progress through a year’s work in their first term.

We believe this exceptional progress is down to:

the games being a safe place to fail and get things wrong,

the games being engaging, especially multiplayer games and story mode games,

the sheer number of questions a student can encounter,and

our Assess, Practise & Achieve gamification system.

Multiplayer Games & Activities

Nothing engaging some students like competition. Year 7 Catch-up Numeracy with Emile multiplayer modes allow students to:

Play against Friends

Play against Students from all across the World

Challenge the class next door.

All multiplayer modes take into account the students abilities and allow students of differing abilities to compete fairly.

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