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Year 2 Division: Brilliant Tips And Activities For This Topic

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Year 2 division can be a tough topic. Here are some fabulous tips and activities to help you to teach this topic!

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Table of Contents

Division Model

Year 2 division can be a difficult topic for many students to grasp. The division model is a great way of making word problems that require division a little easier. Have your students write down each of the numbers. For example, a student has 8 pens and has to share them equally with her friend. The student would then write down 8 / 2 = 4. Doing it this way makes it much easier than your students trying to work it out in their head.

year 2 division Model

Use Jelly Beans

Give your students some jelly beans to use as a visual when working out division questions! If they are dividing 20 by 5, they will split the jelly beans into 5 groups of 4 jelly beans. This is an excellent year 2 division activity as it gives  students a fun visual (and it’s also a great edible treat!) 

Dividing up different mediums that are actually in front of them is a really great way of helping students understand what Year 2 division actually is. Understanding this might just make this topic a little easier on your students.

Division Flowers

Division flowers are fantastic resources when it comes to Year 2 division! 

Allow your students the opportunity to get creative and design their very own Year 2 division flower.

In the middle of the flower is the number that pupils are dividing by and in each petal will be a number that is being divided (must be divisible by the number in the middle).

The petals should lift up to reveal the answer underneath! These are pretty simple to create. All you’ll need is a flower template to cut out and glue to stick down the middle of the flower to a separate piece of paper. 

Leave the petals unstuck so that students can write their answers underneath. This way they can fold the petals up and down to practise their Year 2 division.

Year 2 division flower

Teach The Division Rules

There are many different rules and hacks that can make Year 2 division easier for your students!

Have your pupils create a Year 2 division rules poster. They can design it however they like as long as it includes all of the rules that they need to know to make dividing easier!

Write all of the rules that they must include on the board so that they can be sure to get all the correct information onto their poster. These can then be used as classroom decorations, ensuring that your pupils are consistently reminded of these Year 2 division hacks!

Year 2 division rules

Storybook Division

A great way to do some integrated learning with your students is to have them read a book that covers Year 2 division. There are some excellent books that cover division in a story-like way for your pupils!

This is a superb way of incorporating maths into reading lessons as it enhances both their reading and numeracy skills. Many of these books can also be a wonderful tool for teaching students the importance of sharing.

Here are some fantastic recommendations that are great to have on hand! 


Emile is a fantastic game based online learning resource for primary school students!

There are lots of amazing Year 2 division games that will ensure the progression of your class!

A great example is the Calendar Clicker game, which involves both multiplication and division practise for your students.

Try Emile today by requesting a demo!

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