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Useful Tips to Help Children like Maths

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We all want our children to like maths. To not be scared. To open the door to hundreds of highly skilled and well paid jobs.

Unfortunately, the word maths alone can cause anxiety in many of us.

Here are a few easy tips to boost your child’s confidence in maths. It’s important that as a parent you can approach maths in a positive way to increase your child’s confidence. There is no need to pass on any of your stress!

Remind them what they already know

It’s essential to solidify the foundation of your child’s maths understanding. This makes it easier for them to solve problems in the future. Any gaps in their foundations can make it difficult for them to feel comfortable.

So, build confidence with them and ask them simple questions to which they know the answer.

Embed maths with games

Who doesn’t love bingo? Most children know how to play it, so why not make a maths bingo! This is an exciting way to engage them with a fun approach to maths.

Ask them to make their own games such as snakes ‘n’ ladders with maths involved. In no time, your child will be speeding through it all.

If you happen to be short on time or materials use Emile education on a tablet or computer. A wonderful maths game designed for your child to improve in maths while having fun.

Everyday life

Maths is in our everyday life even if we’re not consciously thinking about it. You go to the supermarket and in no time, you find yourself dealing with 10% off and figuring out which bag of apples is a better deal – it’s maths.

Asking maths questions to your child can easily be applied in everyday life.

A mini test on the way to school could be useful – count the red cars, spot circular objects, figure out how long it takes to get to school over the course of a week. If they’re football fanatics ask them about how many times the below is passed before it is intercepted, how many goals do a team need to score to win if they are losing 2-0?


Children love rewards and praises. Whenever your child achieves something in maths, praise and rewards can really help them associate maths with good feelings.

An achievement for every child might be different. For some it is a perfect score for some it’s about grasping a concept for the first time.

If they’re into a character like Star Wars or Frozen, get some themed stickers on your shopping list. Maybe letting them choose a movie to watch at the cinemas as the family treat.

Create a maths display

Find the area that your child seems to be struggling with the most and make a wall fun of activities that can help them improve. This is a reminder for them to look at, so make it bright and stand out.


Do you have any good ideas to share?

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