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We’re all excited here as we wait to share our fantastic learning resource-Emile Education!

The game designers have put strong attention to detail into the mechanics behind to make sure we’re producing real games with real maths learning. The animators are furiously creating engaging modern designs and making sure our main character Emile is engaging players! The educational specialists are making sure we meet the Program of Study requirements, that we cover the Big Ideas of mathematics, that the linguistics elements of CLIL are covered and most importantly that there are no tyops!

The (secret) UK product launch!

The (secret) launch of Emile in the UK is taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University on the 28th September so come along to fantastic evening of events all based on “Digital Play and Learning in Schools”.

We will be having inspirational and well-known speakers, from political, business, schools and academics with views on how to incorporate digital play in schools (as well as food and drinks!).

We are giving free access to an early protoype as a special gift to everyone that attends. There will be demonstrations on laptops for you to get a real feel of what a fun, challenging and intellectual game it really is. If these demos aren’t detailed enough, Emile is programmed to give a tour for all teachers to feel comfortable before demonstrating it to the class.

We hope the speakers will be memorable and leave you with inspiration to share with your colleagues at school.

So if you are a teacher and can come along to our product launch we would love to see you there… (Remember to register to get your free ticket, food and drinks will, of course, be provided!)

BETT Latin America, October 2017

Next stop… will be Emile’s unveiling at BETT Latin America!

We will be taking a stand in Mexico and will be happy to share Emile with educators and parents around the world. Emile has already gained a huge interest from outside the UK with multiple enquiries being received from Mexico, Colombia and Brazil before it’s even been released!

More than 2000 leaders and educators from across the region will attend the 5th edition of the Bett Latin America Summit and Expo to discuss the latest trends, challenges and advances in education technology around the world.

BETT London Jan 2018

BETT is (in our view) the best  ICT Education show in the world.

It’s about improving education through the latest technology for children and teachers to achieve their ultimate aims. Teacher resources are constantly developing and learning techniques are getting even better, therefore, we’re delighted to supply you with Emile.

BETT is visited by over 34,000 professionals from 138 countries.

It has been an honour to have been selected by the Department of International Trade (DIT) to be a supported exhibiter in January.

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We run online demo’s daily for teachers throughout the year. They are a great way to see Emile in action and see if it’s right for your tutor group, school or MAT.

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