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Fun Maths Games: The educational app you’ve been waiting for.

fun maths game
If you have been looking for a fun, engaging game for your child to play whilst also learning and nurturing their maths skills, then look no further! Welcome the new Fun Maths Games with Emile App!

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Fun Maths Games: The App you've been waiting for

Welcome our new app, Fun Maths Games! 

After many requests and demands, we listened, and we created. Emile Education has always been about providing the best, engaging and educational apps with a twist. We believe that children should have fun whilst learning, avoiding any negative connotations a subject may have, in hopes that students will enjoy their education instead of seeing it as a chore.

Developed with experts from the world-famous Faculty of Education of Manchester Metropolitan University’s, Fun Maths Games has been specifically designed to help people have fun and improve their maths at the same time. Also, using Fun Maths Games parents can trust the robust pedagogical approach of our kid’s multiplication, fraction, addition games that fit with the UK Maths Mastery approach.

fun maths games
fun maths games

Challenge vs Adventure Mode

Challenge Mode

Children can have fun by practising their adding, subtracting, times tables and fractions. Here is where they will challenge themselves on all the subjects they are learning at school. 

Learning outside the classroom has shown great development and understanding throughout their educational journey. Not just this, providing children with ways of leaving through play also nurtures their creativity and imagination!

Adventure Mode

Children can now explore ideas behind subjects and play games to learn about adding, subtracting, times tables and fractions by visiting: 

  • The place value dinosaur-themed planet “Primus”, 
  • The adding & take away pirate planet “Tortuga” 
  • The time’s table Aztec planet “Meso” 
  • The fraction’s planet “Fracture”.  

About our in-game purchases:

While Emile is free, we do have some in-game purchases that allow children to pay for longer on any one day.

Children can subscribe and get more energy to play, which means:

  • More multiplayer games
  • More practise games
  • And more story mode levels to enjoy.

This ultimately leads your child in the right direction to blasting off into the Universe of Knowledge gaining confidence and having fun whilst learning curriculum-based games. 

Children will LOVE the FREE multi-award-winning Fun Maths Games with Emile where they get to challenge themselves to real problem-solving games, and characters designed by experts to keep children learning.

What are you waiting for? Explore Emile, Aimee and Scrambler’s Universe of Knowledge Now!

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