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Spelling with Emile: The best for spelling homework

You can see our unique and engaging approach to spelling in a demo. So, if you’re fed up with marking workloads, homework planning, resource finding… read on!

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Spelling With Emile

Spelling lists and worksheets are given to students every week. These lists and worksheets can sometimes be the main feature of homework. And let’s be honest, these activities and never met with excitement. Students with good visual memory are more likely to struggle less, with the right amount of practise. However, students who are not that good at visual memory may struggle.

Of course, there are many strategies we can apply to learn these lists: repetition and writing the word down. Yet, if students only memorise these words, and don’t understand them – how can we expect them to keep the information for their future work? Therefore, it is always important to apply different resources for students to fully understand the technique of spelling.

So, if you’re fed up with marking workloads, homework planning, resource finding… read on!

The National Curriculum

As we are all aware, spelling is essential for everyday life. That’s why educators emphasise the development of correct spelling. The word spelling comes up on the national curriculum 102 times, however, there are many approaches teachers make to successfully teach spelling. This may include spelling lists, glossaries, worksheets, and activities as well as techniques such as “Read, Say, Cover, Write and Check”.

National Curriculum

What is it?

Learning with Emile is a multi-award-winning range of resources that covers the UK national primary curriculum for numeracy, SPaG and phonics. The content is suitable for 4–12-year-old students. The game follows Emile’s story, blasting off into the universe of knowledge with other characters. 

Each planet within Learning with Emile is a different strand of the national curriculum. Therefore, on each planet, they must complete the tasks to receive gems and coins to be able to level up and move on to the next mission. Emile makes use of the latest games-based learning approaches and engages students so that they develop their skills in a fun way, and we commonly see students answering hundreds of questions a day to earn rewards and unlock further games.

Student’s love the multi-award-winning engaging games with Learning with Emile. They can challenge themselves with real problem-solving games and create their own character with the Tamagotchi feature. Thanks to AI and a smart system, the game is also able to determine the player’s ability, as a result, students are constantly progressing with their learning.

How to Use

And by we, we mean teachers! Using Learning with Emile is simple, just follow our easy user guides to get set up. We have one for admin, one for teacher and another for students.

Teachers can set up work for their classes, homework and yes, even assessments — gap analysis tests will never be the same thanks to the engaging games that reduce stress and anxiety for students. Not just this, but by allowing teachers to easily check student progress, we are removing the workload by quite a bit.

Setting up lessons, homework, and assessments are as easy as choosing the game and assigning it to the right students or class. Spelling with Emile focuses on phonics, grammar, and spelling. Allowing you and your class to explore each subject in detail all whilst having fun. Games range from word correction to recognising the right sounds to words.

Reduce Teacher Workload

Teachers are expected to keep track of the progress their students make, however for some teachers, this would mean keeping track of more than 25 students. Learning with Emile removes stress, and teacher workload, as well as reducing marking hours. 

Taking this all in mind, Emile also offers teachers the choice of using pre-made spelling lists or uploading their own with the help of Emile.



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Request a Demo

We run online demo’s daily for teachers throughout the year. They are a great way to see Emile in action and see if it’s right for your tutor group, school or MAT.

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