Meet Emile

Emile is not only the name of our resources but also the name of our lead character.

Players venture into Emile’s universe, where each planet in the universe represents a different aspect of knowledge and relates to different parts of the story. Only by solving different challenges is the full history of the characters revealed.

Learn about Scrambler’s origins and the evolution of his race, find out what the gems do and help Aimee and Emile use teamwork to complete challenges.

There was a dinosaur like creature called “Scrambler” who lived on the planet Primus.

Unlike many other planets in the universe Primus was a prehistoric world filled with lots of other dinosaurs and extinct creatures. Scrambler was a simple dinosaur who lived alone not knowing much about anything. Until one day when Scrambler was out looking for some food, he tripped over something buried in the ground. He quickly got it up to take a closer look and what he discovered was a knowledge gem. Being a simple unintelligent dinosaur though Scrambler had no idea what it was that he had discovered. He dusted the object off to reveal a shiny orange gem which then proceeded to glow. Before Scrambler knew it he had received his first taste of maths knowledge.

After getting a taste of knowledge Scrambler then became obsessed with tracking down as many knowledge gems as he could. Hoarding them for himself without sharing his knowledge with others, hoping to be the only intelligent life form.

As Scrambler continued his quest, becoming smarter and smarter, one day he came to the conclusion that other planets throughout the galaxy must also have knowledge gems too. As Scrambler became more knowledgeable, he was able to build a spaceship and continue his quest to collect knowledge gems from other planets throughout universe. By taking the gems from other planets he was robbing these civilisations of their knowledge but Scrambler didn’t care as he was a greedy dinosaur with no sympathy for others. His quest inevitably brought him to Emile’s planet of Mathedonia. He executed a simple heist as had done countless times before netting another huge haul of gems, leaving yet another planet knowledge less. However, an ordinary young shape shifting alien called Emile spotted the heist. With the help of his best friend Aimee (the Artificial Intelligence Maths EnginE) they had the courage to chase after Scrambler to save his people and get back their knowledge gems. It was from then on Emile and Aimee decided it was their duty to help protect other planets throughout the galaxy from Scrambler and his quest for stealing knowledge.

Emile and Aimee travel throughout the universe sharing their knowledge to help solve problems on the planets they visit and most importantly stop Scrambler from stealing all the knowledge in the universe.

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