User Guide for Emile

Emile has been designed to be easy to use. Once a class is set up the program can automatically assign appropriate games and activities without any further input.

Emile is divided into two parts

  1. the student program
  2. the teacher portal

1. Student Program Log In

User Guide 1

1. The Student Program can be accessed by:

     (a) installing an app from here; OR 

     (b) using an internet browser like Google Chrome – https://web.emile-education.com/ 

There are more features included in the app but we understand the issues with having apps installed in schools.

2. The Teacher Portal can be accessed using an internet browser eg. Google Chrome – https://games.emile-education.com

2. Teacher Portal Log In

User Guide 2

Learn More About the Student Program

Learn More About the Teacher Portal

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