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From multiplayer competitions with league tables to maths games based on Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Flappy Birds, from collecting coins to looking after a virtual Emile, from winning trophies and  improving rankings, there are tools to engage all students with Emile.

Based on robust pedagogy, and aligned to the UK national curriculum, Emile will engage your students, allocate appropriate work and help them make progress. 

An Adaptive System

By using an Assess, Practise and Achieve model, Emile ensures that students are working at the right level and are making progress.

All the engaging features of Emile lead to students wanting to answer questions, wanting to explore new concepts or wanting to revisit previous topics. 

The more questions students answer, the more Emile knows what questions & games to allocate and the more accurately Emile sets games and activities.

Adaptive maths app

Covers UK National Curriculum

Covers the entirety of the UK national curriculums in Maths, Spelling, Phonics and Grammar including:

  • a Concrete-Pictoral-Abstract approach with Number Frames, Place Value Grids, & Dienes Rods
  • Subitizing & Number Recognition
  • Number Bonds, Number Facts, Place Value, Times Tables, Fractions
  • Measurements, Geometry, Algebra, Ratio, & Statistics
  • Spelling Rules from the Appendix of the National Curriculum
  • Phonics that is compatible with well known Schemes of Work such as Letters & Sounds and Read Write Inc.
  • Grammar tests that progress in line with the curriculum and lead to Year 6 SATs. 

Educational Games that Engage

There are hundreds of Emile games. These games include: 

  • Multiplayer Competitions
  • Class Battles that Replicate in Class Tests
  • Games that don’t just Test but also Teach
  • All Games are Designed to Work Seamlessly on Mobiles, Tablets and Computers
  • Games Based on Candy Crush, Space Invaders, Tetris, Snake, Angry Birds, Infinite Runners, Hang Man, Pairs, Flappy Bird, and many, many more. 
  • Trophies to be Claimed
  • Daily Rewards
  • A Virtual Emile to Look After. 
  • Class and School Ranks. 

Learning Gap Analysis

While students are playing games, Emile is collecting and collating all their answers.

A simple RAG Data Chart is generated that can be exported or printed producing a detailed Learning Gap Analysis as well as when they logged in, how they performed across multiple attempts and week by week progress. 

Emile’s simple RAG Learning Gap Analysis Chart shows where YOUR students need help and perhaps where an intervention is needed. 


THOR EMILE Spelling Interventions

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We run demo’s almost daily for teachers throughout the year. They are a great way to see Emile in action and see if it’s right for your tutor group, school or group of schools. 

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Request a Demo

We run online demo’s daily for teachers throughout the year. They are a great way to see Emile in action and see if it’s right for your tutor group, school or MAT.

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