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Set a Spelling Rule

Teachers can choose from practising spellings students have already met to using Emile’s unique learning mode to playing real games based on Frogger, Snake and Hang Man.  

Scheme of Work Agnostic

UK Curriculum Aligned

Detailed Progress Tracking

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Games, Tests & Learn Modes

Emile's Unique Learning Mode

Round 1

Multiple Choice

Help viking Emile travel to the mysterious island. 

Words are shown on screen and then disappear. Can your students spot the correct one in the multiple choice? 

Round 2


Help Emile transform into Thor!

Words are shown on screen and then disappear. Can your students rearrange the runes to make the correct word? 

Round 3

Typing & Spelling

Emile needs to save his village. Help him get back as fast as possible. 

Words are shown on screen and then disappear. Can your students spell the word? 

Round 4


Emile’s village is under attack by the Scramblings! Help him save his friends and the village!

Students have to spell out the words learned over the previous 3 rounds. 

Track Progress

Simple RAG Data that can be exported or printed showing when your students logged in, how they performed across multiple attempts and week by week tracking. 

Emile’s simple RAG data shows in an instance where YOUR students need help. 


THOR EMILE Spelling Interventions

Compare Data Across Multiple Schools

Compare data against other schools. 

See how Year 5 students are progressing against their contemporaries in different classes or different schools. 

Built with help from MATs, you can now see which class knows their high frequency words best. 

Data that Informs Teaching

Learning Gap Analysis

Easy to Roll Out Across a School/MAT

Ensures Maximum Progress

Target Weaknesses

Engage Students with Games

Improve Year 6 SATs Results

Run School Competitions

thor emile flying viking spelling

Class Battles!

Replicating a class test, teachers can launch a class battle!

Set a spelling rule, a date/time and watch as your students are drawn into a Battle!

League tables and competitions motivate students along with trophies and ranks. 

scrambler multiplayer

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Improved SAT Scores by 22% in 3 Months

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