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9 Fun Number Line Games For Your Class!

Negative and Positive Numbers
Number lines are fantastic learning tools for the classroom. Here are some great number line games to incorporate into your lessons!

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The National Curriculum states that students in Year 1 and 2 should be able to identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations such as the number line.

Lego Number Line

Number line games are often tricky to come up with, so here is a fantastic way to make number lines a little more fun!

Ask your students to put 10 Lego pieces together to create a number line from 1-10. They can write the correct numbers in order and then they can use this as their number line throughout their maths lesson!

Using Lego as the number line is a small change that can make a big difference to the lesson – it feels a little more like play!

Post-it Note Number Lines

Why not get your students to create their number lines using post-it notes?

Using different mediums to create their number lines gives them a way of being creative during their maths lessons. They can line up their post it notes in ascending order and use them to complete sums!

Similarly to the Lego number line games, this is a simple but effective way of having your pupils use number lines effectively!

Life Size Number Line

10 times table

This number line activity is guaranteed to get your students engaging in number line games!

Create a giant number line that they can walk or jump across and solve sums with. This is an exciting number line activity for students as they can jump across the number line!

Students can take turns on the number line and count together as they jump across! This is a super interactive activity that gets the whole class involved in number line games. This can be a fantastic activity when teaching subjects like addition and subtraction.

Number Line Secret Codes

Number line games can be made more fun by creating secret codes that correlate with the numbers!

Give your students a set of sums that they have to complete using their number line. Each number on the number line should have a letter underneath. Once they have completed their sums, a word will be revealed!

This is a great way of encouraging students to complete their sums using the number line.

Zip Lock Bag Number Lines

THOR EMILE Spelling Interventions

One way to make number line games a little more interesting is by using zip lock bags!

This one is pretty easy – just draw a number line along the top of a zip lock bag and insert different sums into the bag. Students can then use the zipper to slide across the number line and work out the sum!

This is a really simple but effective idea for your students. They can easily the sums by taking them in and out of the bag!

Number Line Song

What better way to teach your pupils about number lines than through song? This is a super fun number line song that covers all the basics!

Paint A Number Line

This is a creative number line activity for your pupils that are still getting used to the basics!

Give each of your students a number line from 1-10 and ask them to paint dots underneath each of the numbers (1 dot under 1, 2 dots under 2 etc.) This gives your students a really great visual representation of number value and will allow them to gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively use number lines!

Plus, a chance to get the paint out is always an exciting prospect for your pupils!

Decimal Number Line Games

Number line games aren’t limited to your younger students! Why not introduce your class to number lines with decimal points on?

This is a great way of helping students to answer more difficult questions by using their number line!

Number lines can be really useful learning tool for so many maths topics, so why not utilise them as much as possible?



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