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Teacher Personalities You Meet in Every School!

teacher personalities

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10 Teacher Personalities You Meet in Every School.

Here’s our humorous list of 10 Teacher Personalities you meet in every school. Do you recognise yourself or your colleagues?

  1. The Rookie

They’re on their first placement ever as part of their PGCE course, but don’t worry, they know everything there is to know about teaching already and are keen to pass on their helpful tips.

2. The Ghost

This person is on the staff list but no one knows who they are or what they do.

3. The Judas

You’re in a meeting discussing ways to reduce workload, until this person pipes up that they don’t know what the problem is, they mark 90 books in 10 minutes.  Meeting over.

4. The Crazy One

This teacher turns up wearing fancy dress, hands out random prizes in class and can often be heard singing.  The students love them.

5. The Over-Achiever

This teacher has to be the best at everything.  Their class is at the top of the Emile maths leader board; they’re first to get everything marked; they arrive at parent teacher evenings early and fail to understand why everyone isn’t like them.

6. The Influencer

This teacher posts everything their class produces on their numerous social media channels and has a perfect instagrammable classroom display for every topic.  Sometimes manages to put their phone down for long enough to teach a lesson.

7. The Under-Achiever

This teacher dreamed of lecturing in English literature at Oxford, but is instead teaching at the local “requires improvement” primary school and hasn’t quite come to terms with it.

8. The Stressed-Out Teacher

Practically every teacher is this teacher at some point in the year.  The stressed-out teacher can mostly be found taking headache tablets, deep breaths, and counting down the days until the end of Summer term, in March.

9. The Over-Invested Teacher

This teacher spends all of their time thinking about their students: how to help those struggling with their fractions and concern for those who might have issues at home.  They keep every bit of artwork and every random gift they’ve ever received.

10. The Healthy Teacher

They ran 5 miles before they got to work and are in training for their first Iron Man competition.  They’re full of advice about your diet and exercise plan, whether you want it or not. 

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