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Summer Holidays: 7 Tips for Preparing a Memorable break.

summer holidays
The summer holidays have arrived! Here at Emile we have tried to come up with the best summer holiday tips to get you ready for the following six weeks!

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Table of Contents

The Summer Holidays

For most of us, Summer consists of spending time outdoors, going on holiday, investing time into new or old hobbies. However, these six weeks holidays are going to be quite different to other years and here at Emile, we have been trying to think of the best ways you and your family can prepare.

For some families, the pressure of Covid-19 has caused finances to be affected, and we know for all of us, it is not as easy to just grab our suitcases and drive off on holiday like any other year, everything must be planned to keep our families health as a priority. Here are a few ideas for some fun summer holiday ideas along with some tips to prepare for the well-needed break. 

summer holidays

Make a list

This summer holiday activity is key to be able to communicate your and your family’s needs for the summer break. So, grab a pen and paper and get ready to express what your ideal plans for the summer are. Set your kids aside and ask them all the things they would like to do in these six weeks, keeping in mind travel restrictions and other policies.

You could split the lists into categories such as HOME, OUTSIDE, FREE, COST. For days that are less sunny than others, you could look at your home list to see what sort of activities your family would like to do: it could be from watching a summery film to making cups out of clay!

Try to keep to your schedule

With the summer holidays being here, it might make it harder for children to stick to their routine. It may be hard to duplicate the school structure dynamic at home as it is planned carefully to ensure children are well rested to learn. And it is harder when you want to stay up late and sleep in too. However, keeping to your routine will allow children to feel less stressed when they return to school in September. Also, being well-rested means, they will cooperate and enjoy their summer holidays more!

summer holiday activities

Plan days ahead

This tip will provide you with a stress-free summer break in the sense of knowing what you will be doing and when. Keep in mind the weather and adapt to your surroundings, you don’t always have to leave your town for a fun time!

Be flexible with yourself, allow days for doing something spontaneous like garden work or popping over to see your friends and family.

Get creative with food

It’s time to bring out the funky cookie cutters, the fancy ice cubes and trying new things!

Make a list with your family of dishes you would like to make. Much like your summer holiday activities list, create another one with different categories for foods! SWEET, SAVOURY, SNACK, LUNCH, DINNER. Have fun with the ingredients you have already got in!

How about creating some fruity smoothies for the hot days? Or making popcorn in the pan instead of the microwave? Maybe even try Meatless Mondays!

You and your family could even try wild foraging, keeping in mind safety! Blueberries are a beautiful snack and go perfect in a cheesecake!

Be prepared

Stock up on things you might need to keep your family busy:

    • Arts and crafts.
    • Ingredients.
    • Walking shoes.
    • Flip-flops.
    • Beach toys: spade and bucket.
    • Snacks.
summer activities

Time out for you!

It is always important to remember that these holidays are also for you to enjoy. There is nothing wrong with taking a day (or two) for yourself. Be flexible and allow yourself the time and space to relax, this year has been challenging!

Educational resources

Just because school is over does not mean children have to stop learning, in fact, learning can be quite fun, especially in a home environment. Engage your children with activities such as reading, writing, and maths!

Emile has created Fun Maths Games which have been specifically designed to help children have fun and improve their maths at the same time. Also, using Fun Maths Games parents can trust the robust pedagogical approach of our kid’s multiplication, fraction, addition games that fit with the UK Maths Mastery approach. This leads your child in the right direction to blasting off into the universe of knowledge, gaining confidence and having fun.

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