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How to Fix your Child’s Sleep Routine after the Holidays

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Holidays consist of going to sleep later and waking up later which alter a child’s sleep routine. Children then find it harder to wake up in the morning and end up going to school cranky and half asleep.

Remind them of a routine
During the holiday’s everything becomes a little more flexible. Later bedtimes becomes the norm and television time increases.

It’s important to get back to the usual routine once the holidays have finished. Let them be aware of the difference between the holidays and school time. Insist on how beneficial a bedtime routine is and remind them of their previous day to day timetable. Being consistent is key, it may take a few days to get used to but as long as the routine is being repeated they should be back to their usual routine.

Praising good behaviour and perhaps giving rewards for good behaviour before bedtime should also be taken into consideration.

Bedtime stories
Giving them a book to read can make them naturally more tired or try switching between the two on who gets to read.

Keeping a clock next to their bedside table so they can tell the difference between day and night. Save those 6 O’clock mornings by setting a time in which they’re allowed to get out of bed.

Healthy diet
Even though it’s the holidays keeping a balanced diet is important. It’s easy to use the holidays as an excuse to consume lots of unhealthy food. Too many sugary sweets can make it difficult for your child to fall asleep at night along with affecting the blood pressure and other negative consequences.  Reduce the number of sweets and sugary drinks before bedtime to ensure they get to sleep easier.

Movies and cartoons are a must during the holidays which means the amount of television consumed increases. Start off by reducing the amount that is being watched.  This can be done automatically through settings on the tv or by removing it from their bedroom.

A nice warm room temperature can provide the perfect sleep environment. The ideal temperate should be around 20 degrees.

Taking part in regular exercise has been found to improve a good night’s sleep. If your child is into any outdoor toys or hobbies take this opportunity to do some exercise! Whether it’s a bike or a hula hoop these are great ways to get moving.

We usually spend the holiday period over indulging ourselves with lots of takeaways, biscuits and chocolate. To kick start the healthy diet introduce healthy snacks to pack lunches. It’s time to get creative! Make them enjoyable to eat with all the right nutrition. For fun ways to make lunches click here. Slowly, they’ll get back into the habit of eating fruit and vegetables in no time.

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