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How to improve SPaG at home 2021

Fun & quick SPaG at home activities to start help improving your child’s spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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Table of Contents

SPaG at Home

With Covid-19 this year meaning that a lot of schools were closed and home-schooling was very prominent this showed parents now more than ever that education is extremely important for our children. 

More and more parents have now taken an active approach to their child’s education as their learning ability doesn’t stop as soon as school is over for the summer holidays. That’s why we have come up with some tips and resources to keep your child soaking up knowledge and develop their SPaG skills.  


SPaG at home

During the school holidays is perfect time to make sure your child keeps reading and recognises and broaden their vocabulary. Take them to a book store or the library and check out an array of different genres that they are interested in.  

Reading out loud can help with recognising different spellings, grammar and punctuation and therefore is a great activity for improving SPaG at home. 

BONUS: Make this a summer challenge (a lot of libraries do this) and see how many books they can read in six weeks. You can read them together or they can try by themselves.  

Writing a Letter or Card

SPaG at home

Making a positive impact and staying social your child can write letters or cards to friends, family or someone they are thankful for.  

Encourage them to add an adjective to their sentences to really improve their SPaG. If they are finding writing paragraphs hard try and split the sentences up over days as not to overwhelm them. Slowly introduce more sentences to make a paragraph as they gain more confidence. 

Example of great card making kit 

Spelling Bee with a Twist

Use words from your child’s year word list and start by explaining that when you say one of the words out loud randomly throughout the day.  

Then take it in turns to spell out the word each letter at a time. If your child gets all of the correct, they can get a reward (that you both agree on) if they get some of the spellings wrong explain where they have gone wrong and tell them they can try again.   

Creative Words

For children to understand the formation of letters and how to spell the words they need to learn for their respective year it’s a great idea to have your child draw out each letter of the word.  

Adding colour and patterns the receptiveness of seeing the word and engaging through cross-curricular subjects can really enhance their active learning capabilities.  

Grammar Guru

Is your child struggling with labelling parts of speeches and using correct tenses? 

Help you child become a grammar guru by trying some of the following:  

  • Ask your child to highlight nouns in one colour, verbs in another etc. (Some children find it easier to memorise when things are colour-coded) 
  • Write down grammar technologies on note cards and have your child give you one correct example. Challenge your children by having them race against the clock or their previous scores.  
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