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Fun Activities For Year 6 And After SATs Year 6 Mini Project Ideas!

Year 6 Mini Project Ideas
You and your Year 6 class will be in desperate need of a fun break after SATs week! Here are some fun activities for Year 6 and some after SATS mini project ideas that will give your students the opportunity to be creative again.

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Create Your Own Zoo

Fun activities for Year 6 and Year 6 mini project ideas can be tricky to come up with after SATs. A super fun maths project that you can have students do is to create their very own zoo! Give them a certain area to work with and then they have to fill this space with different animal attractions.

Pupils will have to label each attraction with the area in metres squared. They can then work out how much space is left over after all of the attractions have been put into the zoo.

This is an activity that your pupils will really enjoy as they get a chance to explore their creativity and design a zoo however they want. Give them a blank sheet of A3 paper and they can design whatever zoo they want with it!

Students can also take this opportunity to create leaflets and prices for the visitors of their zoo. They can advertise their zoo any way they want and even present their zoo to their peers!

Zoology Society of London have a great template for this activity.

Plan An End Of Year Production

When it comes to Year 6 mini project ideas, your students will love an opportunity to plan and take part in an end of year production. Allow them to take a vote on which Shakespeare play from Macbeth to Romeo & Juliet that they will be starring in! 

This way students are having fun, whilst also learning important English Literature knowledge. This is excellent preparation for the content which they will be learning in secondary school. They can also use this opportunity to learn some key drama terms, which may be a passion for some of your students!

This is a fantastic way of keeping students focused towards the end of the year as they will have something that they are working towards.

A great idea when planning an end of year production is to assign roles of director and costume planner etc. This way students who aren’t too interested in acting or being on stage can still play an important role!

Pin it!

During the week after SATs, students need some fun Year 6 mini project ideas to choose from.

Create a Pinterest board with educational yet fun activities for your Year 6 class and ask your students to pin which ones they would most like to do. The activity with the most pins from students will be what your students do for the week. This gives your students a chance to do something that they wouldn’t normally be able to do in class and is a nice reward after such a hard week.

Pin It Activity

A great example of Year 6 mini project ideas and fun activities for Year 6 is this teachers board!

This is an excellent way of letting your students have some much needed fun after all their hard work and will show them that you recognise their efforts!

Budget A Theme Park

More great Year 6 mini project ideas include budgeting for their very own theme park!

Give your students a budget of £1,000,000 and a list of prices for different rides/attractions/food places etc. Students must stick to the budget and design the best theme park that they possibly can. 

This is a great project idea to keep students actively engaged in maths and get them using key budgeting skills. Working with large numbers, students will need to do big sums accurately for their theme park to succeed!

Once students have completed their theme park, you can check over to ensure that they have budgeted correctly!

Human Bar Charts

This is a super fun maths activity for your Year 6’s after they have completed their SATs.

Get your students outdoors and into a corner of the playground. One side of the corner is the X-axis and the other is the Y-axis. An example bar chart idea is student birth months! 

Year 6 mini project ideas

Have your pupils in each birth month line up together along the X-axis and have a helpful staff member ready to take a photo from above!

Your students can them draw their human bar chart up and work out how many students were born in January for example!


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Emile is an amazing online game-based learning resource for primary schools! Emile offers fun activities for Year 6 that will be great for keeping them learning during this time period.

Students will LOVE playing on this fantastic learning app as it is an engaging and fun resource. In short, your students will want to learn. Emile offers educational games that really are fun for your pupils and they will truly enjoy playing and learning!

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Secondary School Transition

Important yet sometimes fun activities for Year 6 are secondary school transition activities.

It is really important that once SATs are finished, students have a small break in routine and are given some time to let off some steam (for example some of the Year 6 mini project ideas mentioned in this blog). 

However, it’s even more important that they maintain and improve upon the knowledge that they have before the move into secondary school. Challenge your students with some introductory Year 7 work and let them have a go!

For most students, secondary school will seem like a daunting prospect and they may have some worries about this change. Put their minds at ease by taking through these worries and helping them with possible solutions!

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