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Christmas 2021: Educational Christmas Activities for your Classroom

Christmas activities
Welcome the festive season with Emile’s fun and educational Christmas activities which, are guaranteed to make your class enjoy another great festive season.

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Table of Contents

Christmas Activities: 2021

With another year ending, children are more ecstatic than ever. These past two years have been incredibly hard for all of us. However, students and teachers, from all around the globe, have not stopped! Education is our passport to a world of many opportunities, not just this, but it helps us throughout life – at the bank, supermarket, university, and even at home!

That is why it is important to celebrate our progress and achievements, especially after working incredibly hard.

At Emile, we understand how hectic the festive season can be, especially if you run your own classroom! That’s why we have gathered 10 engaging and fun activities for your classroom, which we are sure yule enjoy!

Keep them Motivated

The purpose of these activities is to keep practising everything students have learnt over the past year. Although it is the festive season, we still need to give importance to students education and teach them that we should be open to learning whenever the opportunity arises.

Before starting activities, try motivating students with Christmas playlists or puns – reminding them that it’s almost the end of term and the end of the year! Only one last push until they can start their next adventure in 2022.


Christmas cards

Christmas is about coming together, being grateful for those who surround us, and a time of joy! So, what better way to celebrate the jolly season than by making hand-made Christmas cards? For this activity, you can use some card or normal paper. Simply fold the paper/card in half or cut it in half to make postcards!

This is ideal for students who need to practise their handwriting and spelling as well as grammar. Ask students to write their messages on a spare piece of paper and to spell check each other’s work before writing it neatly into the card itself.

Psst! We also have some downloadable Christmas postcards here.

Christmas Activity Pack

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Students can now celebrate the festive holidays with this tree-mendous Christmas Activity Pack!

We have designed a Christmas pack with over 10 activities, including worksheets, a class PowerPoint with interactive features and more.

This pack is available to buy from Emile’s workshop, or you can simply get it for free by signing up for free access*! 

*For those who have already had a trial in the past, you’re welcome to contact us to access another trial. With over 4 different worlds that follow the mathematics and English educational standards set by the UK’s National Curriculum, there is no reason not to get your free trial today!

Christmas activities

Christmas Riddles

Riddles are a great Christmas activity, especially because they are great at cognitive stimulation. They are great for students to focus on concentration, it helps develop logic and better motor skills! Riddles are also a great mood buster, as solving puzzles makes the brain release dopamine, which in the long run improves memory and productivity. (Source

Why not ask students to write up their own riddles? They can work in groups to find out the answers to their riddles. Make sure students riddles make sense and fit into the Christmas theme!

Christmas decoration shapes

Another great idea for the classroom is to create your own Christmas decorations to use as a classroom display.

You will need: card, paper, scissors, glue, lots of glitters, and a class full of excited students.

This Christmas activity is about developing creativity and imagination. Developing creativity and imagination helps cognitive and social development in young children, which will be useful in later life.

Not just this, good social and cognitive development aids in problem-solving and thinking logically, which is something students must be aware of for future higher education.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts do not have to be over-complicated with tons of surprises. You could design your own treasure hunt within the classroom. Write small maths or English questions that will lead students to the clues that can be hidden all over the room.

Here are some examples of clues:

primary school
primary school

The prize could be anything, from a small bag of sweets to a sticker! It is all about taking part and practising what you have previously learnt. You could even use the Emile plush as the end prize, you can claim your free classroom plush by playing 100 games on Learning with Emile. Classrooms love the Emile plush for golden time and even “Emile time” where a chosen student gets to take home the plush!

Santa says

A fun and themed Simon Says, but only use verbs and action words. You can trick your students by using words that are neither a verb nor an action word, whoever falls for the trick gets eliminated until the next round!

Christmas tongue twisters

Creating personalised tongue twisters can be such a fun Christmas activity for the classroom. You could either print out a few tongue twisters and see who can read it the best, or get your students to create their own by following a Christmas theme. Tongue twisters are great for articulation and pronouncing words better. Tongue twisters are greatly used by those we least expect politicians, singers, actors and public speakers!

New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions are always a great idea for the classroom. This activity will get everyone thinking about their achievements and progress. New Year resolutions are all about setting goals, and they can be absolutely anything!

Having goals in life helps us have a positive mindset and to never give up – understanding that things sometimes take time, but that’s ok! Because it will all be worth it in the end.

Guess the character

Guess the character is such a fun and engaging game, that will teach students all about descriptive language. Ask students to get in two teams, they must nominate someone to sit at the front with their backs facing the board. Keeping in theme, write Christmas characters names on the board and ask the students to help their nominated teammate to guess the character that you’ve written.

Only, there is myrrh! The nominated student has to ask questions, to which the other students must only reply with a yes or no! Only two hints are allowed! Whoever guesses first wins a point for their team!

Christmas stories.

Lastly, some good old, wholesome Christmas stories. What’s a better activity than creating personalised stories? Your class can read them to one another, or better yet, you can collect all stories and create a small Christmas book for the classroom.

Stories not only help develop imagination and creativity, but they also aid articulation, spelling, grammar, and concentration. Stories are great mood boosters; thanks to our imagination, we can be whoever we want to be.

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