3 Amazing Tips for Teaching Times Tables and Spelling

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As we are getting to the end of 2018, it is the best time to prepare for a new year. As a primary school teacher, you have spent the whole year working hard to help your students discover a love of learning. (This can be particularly hard for some areas like times tables and spelling.)

So today I’m going to suggest 3 tips that you may find helpful to save you some energy and time for other things in your life.

1. Don’t worry!

Life is difficulty and busy. Problems come from every side.

As a teacher you know what you are doing in your class.

Have faith in your abilities and experience.

If you are struggling talk to colleagues, or even join one the many amazing Facebook groups for teachers, but don’t worry in silence. Address the issue, don’t ignore it and move on.

2. Engaging Resources.

As a teacher, you come across teaching materials and resources of a variety of quality everyday. It’s not easy at all to find one that best fits your class  –  subject, and difficulty, never mind one that suits you and your pupils. Here is the two criterion that I always use when choosing a resource.

  1. Engaging: Students are easily distracted and a distracted class is a difficult class. So whatever you use, whatever activity, whatever resource, make sure it engages the students.
  2. Impact on learning: Does it help students understand, introduce new concepts or get students to practice? Is there real data on impact?

3. Use Technology!

Technology is in every classroom, but is it used?

There are some fantastic apps and resources online that engage and educate. Most do the marking and tracking for you and most allow students to progress at their own speed. So if you want to reinvigorate a lesson, take a look at what apps are out there.

And of course, if you need to improve your pupils’ spelling or times tables, Emile is a great choice and available for a free trial.

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