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Summer 2021: End of Term Worksheets for Primary Schools

end of term worksheets
End of Year Worksheets: After the long year teachers have had, they deserve an easy end to the school year. That’s why we have created enough worksheets to keep you and your class busy until the last day of term.

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Table of Contents

End of Term Worksheets

Exclusive end of year worksheets- fun for the whole classroom! 

The end of term is quickly approaching it is hard to contain students’ excitement, the stress of trying to find adequate resources for the classroom piles up, and you end up more stressed than you want to be.  

Three fun end of term worksheets and resources for your end of year activities! 

For a list full of twelve fun activities for the classroom, click here.

One Last Mission with Emile 

Get your students ready for an action-packed puzzle adventure as they join Emile and enter Scrambler’s Castle to find and destroy the book of the “World’s Deepest Secrets”. 

With fun maths puzzles your class can put their knowledge they have learnt this year to the test, in pairs or by going solo. 

Perfect as part of an active learning activity with cross-subject compatibility with reading and multiple maths topics.  

end of term worksheets

End of Term Picture Quiz 

Quizzes are always a good way to encourage light competition between classmates to make the class more engaged and livelier near the end of the year. 

For this reason, we have come up with a new end of year picture quiz which can test your student’s eye for detail.  

End of Term Worksheets 

We know that worksheets have been used a lot this year (especially during lockdown).  

By reflecting on this year children have gone through a lot of change and stresses which can impact their wellbeing and learning, to stay on top of this we have made these worksheets with students in mind.  

Students can have their own say on how they have gone from strength to strength this year and how to continue that in the next academic year. Along with other thought-provoking activities to get their brains thinking on the positives during this reflective period. 

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