MTC Key Stage 2 multiplication tables check

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MTC Guide Overview

With the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) coming in next June, we’ve put together a little MTC guide due to the complexity in setting the check up and some of the issues schools have encountered.

Schools will administer an on-screen check to assess whether pupils are able to fluently recall their multiplication tables up to 12, through a set of timed questions. Pupils will answer 3 practice questions before the check begins.

The check consists of 25 questions. Pupils will have 6 seconds to answer each question, with a 3-second pause between questions.

Details about the content of the test can be found here.

The Pilot

From 1st April 2019, pupils can access a “try it out area”.

As part of the pilot, teachers need to:
1. a school administrator needs to register pupils to take the check by signing in to the NCA tools
2. generate a school password and PINs for students on the day you intend to have your students practise the test (the PINS and password only last for 24 hours)
3. complete the headteacher’s declaration form (HDF)
4. view the results (accessible only after 1st July and after submitting the HDF)

Things to Note

– The test is about accuracy and not speed.
– The number pad is laid out 1, 2, 3 across the top.
– Pupils working below the national curriculum expectation in year 2 in times tables and pupils that are newly arrived in the school with EAL do not need to take the check.

Detailed guidance can be found here

NCA Tools

By default, only NCA Tools super-users will have access to MTC initially, however they will be able to give permissions to other users within their school once logged in.

The options on the homepage of your school’s test page are:

– Pupil register
– Group pupils
– Pupils not taking the check
– Access arrangements
– Try it out
– Password and PINs
– Start the multiplication tables check
– Restarts
– Headteacher’s declaration form
– Results

There will be instructions below each option, but there are a few areas that we need to pay extra attention to.

Try it out

This is one of the major function on the official website that teachers can use to help their pupils. It allows teachers and students to try the entire process of the check to have a better understanding of everything.

Teachers can generate password and PIN for their schools, print those information out, guide their pupils through the check, and be more specific when helping pupils preparing.

Ensure pupils use a ‘try it out’ PIN to access the ‘try it out’ area. If they sign in using a ‘start the MTC’ PIN, they will access the live MTC instead.

How to Prepare

We would also advise having students practise using MTC with Emile. MTC with Emile is free and mimics the check almost exactly (we don’t use 24 hour PINs, but usernames and passwords). It allows students to become comfortable with the interface and the system allows teachers to track progress for each student.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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