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Learn with Emile has been developed with experts from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Education to show impact on learning for those that have difficulties with numeracy.

It has been designed to engage students via unique and engaging games. The games help make pupils forget obstacles that they encounter in numeracy studying and elicit pupils keeping explore in nine numeracy worlds in Catch-up numeracy with Emile and improve their understanding of numeracy concepts and calculation skill.

Catch-up Numeracy with Emile assesses students and allocates the most appropriate set of games every 6 weeks and delivers comprehensive impact reports direct to the teacher. It is easy to use and set-up, greatly reduces teacher workload.


Pupils are requested to finish the first assessment before exploring other parts of app. It contains 18 questions that thoroughly test pupils’ numeracy knowledge and skill that are statutorily required by national curriculum.
Learn with Emile 1

Assessment Results

The result of the first assessment will appear in “Impact” page once pupils finished the assessment.

Learn with Emile 2

Games for you

After the assessment, a game will appear in “Games for you” page. The game is chosen automatically by Catch-up numeracy app based on pupils’ assessment result. It closely relates to pupils’ weakness of numeracy.
Learn with Emile 3

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