Inter-School and MAT Competitions

THOR EMILE Spelling Interventions

Competitions are a great way to boost an area of the curriculum, link schools together and impact learning.

Using Emile (either online or app), your schools can battle proving which students try the hardest and put the most effort in. 

Covering times tables, spelling, basic mathematical fluency, and grammar, inter-school and MAT competitions can focus on areas where you would like to shine a light. 

Have all your year 4s battle on our MTC emulator, your year 6s practice for the spelling SATs or your whole school demonstrate their mathematical fluency. 

Teachers and MAT leadership can see detailed progress reports and knowledge gap analyses. 

Students can win outfits for their Emile or virtual trophies based on your school logos. 

MAT Competitions

Run MAT Wide Competitions

Connect Schools

Impact Learning

Data that Informs Teaching

Easy to Set Up

Tablet & Mobile Friendly

Designed for Interventions

Bespoke Trophies

Content of Competition Agreed

Schools Entered and Students Given Usernames

Competition Starts.

Students and Teachers can see League Online.

Study by the University of Manchester

The University of Manchester were given access to all the results and progress made within MTC with Emile from January 2020 to April 2020 by over 4,000 UK schools. (All the data was of course anonymised in line with our Data Protection Policy and GDPR.)

MTC Improvement

The raw data showed that over a 4 month period, students increased the percentage of correct questions by nearly 25%.  

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We really enjoy running inter-school and MAT Competitions. 

The cost of competitions depend on the number of schools, the content to be tested, how long the competition lasts and any bespoke trophies and rewards, but typically range from £95 – £155 +VAT per school. 

Year 6 SATs Preparation

Learning Gap Analysis

MTC Practise & Preparation