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Rocket Your School's SATs Results in
Just 15 minutes a Week.

Let your students play games and answer thousands of questions with live feedback.



Get on the rocket and buckle up, we’re about to blast off and launch your school’s SATs result into outerspace! Here’s everything you need to know about your journey:

l  From £45 pa for your whole school.

l  Engage pupils with real single and multiplayer games

l  National Curriculum aligned with content by teachers and academics.

l  Reduce teacher workload with automated marking and progress reports.

l  Improvement guaranteed: use Emile for 15 minutes a week over 8 weeks and your students SATs results will improve or your money back.

l  Run Class vs Class competitions, or display leaderboards showing most improved and most effort.

l  Can be Used with a Maths Mastery approach.

Within Emile’s interactive gameplay styled platform, pupils are encouraged to have fun whilst they learn. As they climb the ranks, pupils can customise their very own virtual Emile by earning rewards by practising their spelling, grammar, times tables or problem solving throughout the year.


Get prepared for next year’s SATs with Learn with Emile app and teacher portal, available for phones, tablets and computers. Simply fill in the form below and your pupils will be SPaG wizards in no time!

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