Using Competition to Improve Spelling in Schools

Most children begin to learn to spell a few words at home before they enter school. And while being able to spell is not necessarily a reflection of a child’s intelligence, it’s a vital skill for their academic life and life after school. Bad spelling follows a student into key stage 2 and secondary school. […]

Teaching Angles: 5 Activities for your Classroom

Teaching angles can be challenging with students seeming to grasp the idea one day and then lose it the next day. Below are a few activities I use to keep students’ understanding of angles topped up. Door Angles Using strong white tape suitable for the floor, show the angles to which the door may be […]

Tips on Classroom Displays

What Makes a Good Classroom Display? With students and teachers spending approximately 35 hours a week in the classroom, it makes sense to make it a comfortable and encouraging place for learning.  A good display not only brightens up a classroom but engages and informs.  It can promote a sense of ownership amongst students and […]

How to deal with Angry, Difficult or Hostile Parents?

Angry, difficult and hostile parents. It seems that they are everywhere and almost unavoidable as a teacher these days. They are part of the job that can really increase stress and pressure. Inspired by a recording of a parent on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, below are a few hints and tips we’ve gathered […]

Tips and Ideas to Help Teach Connectives

Connectives represents the logical connection between two sentences, and they are crucial for understanding basic meaning of English. Children in KS2 are expected to use them in sentences or paragraphs, and by Year 6 children will need to have good sense of them, why and how to use them, and be prepared for the KS2 […]

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