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Tips on Teaching Fractions

Fractions are a part of the UK national curriculum, but a significant fraction(!) of children really struggle to grasp the concept. Below are a few tips on teaching fractions that

Games help learning primary class
Tips and Tricks

Education in Finland

Finland has captured the interest and imagination of researchers and policy-makers around the world due to its impressive performance on international tests. In the UK, kids play during breaks and

Tips and Tricks

Avoid the Summer Slide!

The Summer Slide is real. Children’s academic abilities reduce over the summer holidays. Below are few tips to help your child avoid the regression! Reading: Read every day.  Visit your

Tips and Tricks

10 Tips to Recruit Teachers!

Recruiting teachers and teaching staff can be costly. And after having read this article in TES on the increasing number of students and decreasing number of pupils, we thought it would

positive learning environment
Tips and Tricks

Create a Positive Learning Environment at Home

Creating a Positive Learning Environment at Home can have a big impact of your child’s development. A child’s development is affected by a variety of things such as parent attitudes, inspirations,

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Tips and Tricks

How to Help a Child Calm Down

Children can become distressed for many reasons – some of which are incomprehensible to adults – and it’s important that adults understand how to help a child calm down. Time

Games help learning primary class
Tips and Tricks

Can Educational Apps Help Children Learn?

Or do Educational Apps really work (we’re a bit biased)? This is a question that many parents wonder. It is great being able to pass across a tablet or mobile

positive learning environment
Tips and Tricks

Do Rewards Work in Classrooms?

Rewards can affect student behaviour but when is it ok to use them and why? Rewards are a motivating factor for all and especially children. It can make them very

Tips and Tricks

How to Motivate Disaffected Students

Do you have disaffected students? Do some students seem tired and restless? Do you find yourself having to constantly tell the back row to stop leaning their chairs against the

Tips and Tricks

Types of Learners

What type of learner are you? While types of learners have fallen out of fashion, it can be a useful tool to systematically come up with new approaches to explaining


How to Achieve a Positive Work Life Balance

It’s inevitable that there comes a point in our lives that we want to run away from our problems. But…we’re not here to sympathise about you or to cry about

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Emile travels to Dubai and to GESS 2018

We have arrived in Dubai for the GESS 2018 event and the Emile team are very excited to be exhibiting our product from the 27th Feb-1st March. If you’re curious

Tips and Tricks

Maths Games Help Children

Throughout a child’s time at school, they will be introduced to maths games by their teacher. Maths games can be used as a group activity or a chance to develop

Tips and Tricks

Gamification – Time to Gamify your Classroom

Gamification simply means to embed learning into a game that engages with pupils. Why would gamification suit my classroom? All children love to play games and most of them love

Tips and Tricks

Tips for Parents dealing with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that can affect performance in reading, writing and listening. Nevertheless, it does not affect intelligence rather it’s about how people learn. For more information on

Useful Tips to Help Children like Maths

We all want our children to like maths. To not be scared. To open the door to hundreds of highly skilled and well paid jobs. Unfortunately, the word maths alone

Tips and Tricks

Safe Use of Tablets and Mobiles by Kids

Is you child using your online devices safely? Children are no longer using desktops in communal areas of the house. They are using mobiles and tablets that allow millions of

Tips and Tricks

Mastery in Mathematics

Many schools in England are now adopting a Mastery approach to teaching various areas of the curriculum, including mathematics. However, interpretations of what this means vary. The National Centre of

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Emile Travels Around the World

We’re all excited here as we wait to share our fantastic learning resource-Emile Education! The game designers have put strong attention to detail into the mechanics behind to make sure


Emile Education is a Tech 1st

The Emile Education team are delighted to share the news that we have been selected as a Tech 1st. As a result, we will be featured in BusinessCloud’s last edition

Tips and Tricks

Maths Mastery Ideas to Include in your Class

Maths Mastery is taking UK schools by storm. Below we give a few ideas about integrating a maths mastery approach into your lessons! Repetition of key vocabulary This is a

Emile news

Digital Play and Learning in Schools

The Faculty of Education of Manchester Metropolitan University and Emile Education are hosting an evening of talks and discussions on Digital Play and Learning in Schools. Welcoming teachers to the

Tips and Tricks

Get Prepared for this Year’s Class!

You have prepared hundreds of lesson plans, schemes of work and reports. You’ve miraculously survived and it’s time to get ready once again. Holidays can be a relaxing break for

Tips and Tricks

Handy Back to School Tips for Parents

We’ve put together a brief list of Back to School Tips for Parents that will help you be THE organised parent when your child goes back to school. So we’ve

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